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Overview of the welsh woman bowling, learn the rules, read interesting facts, biggest upcoming competitions, how to bet on them and play bowling video games.

Bowling Rules and Basics

Bowling has become a very popular sport including young and old people that enjoy it. No matter if you are a beginner or professional in playing bowling games, there are some basic facts that you should know before playing this sport:

  • Equipment and Playing Surface

The first fact that you should know that the play bowling games on urethane lanes or hardwood that measure 60 feet long by 42 inches wide. The bowling pins are far at the end and the line of foul is at the end of the lane. The bowling ball normally weights from 10 until 16 pounds and consists of three holes for the thumb and middle fingers.


Bowling is a safe sport if you follow the rules and know the basics. For example, to avoid injuries you should wear specialized leather shoes that allow bowlers to slide on the lane and also keep them safe. The fact is that manners are really important in this sport, so you should be aware of the other players around you to avoid damaging something or someone.


The fact is that this sport consists of ten frames where the bowler is allowed to roll the ball two times in each frame. If you succeed in knocking down all of the pins, that is called a strike. In the second roll, if you knock down the rest of the remaining pins, that is called a spare. And the third one, an open frame is if you do cannot knock down all the pins during the frame. The ball should be striking toward the centers of the lanes.

Strategies for a successful bowling:

  • Make sure that your fingers are comfortable with the ball
  • Have proper equipment
  • Learn the basic rules of bowling
  • Learn the tricks of bowling games

Interesting Facts

There are some interesting facts about bowling that you might want to know:

  • The first women tournament of played bowling games was in 1917 where 100 women took a part.
  • The play of bowling games was first shown on TV in 1950.
  • “Turkey” is when a bowler gets three strikes in a row.
  • “Wild turkey” is six strikes in a row.
  • “Ham bone” is four strikes in a row.
  • Playing bowling games is a kind of exercise that provides health benefits.
  • There are many movies that include the play of bowling games.

Overview of Welsh Women Bowling

The WWBA or Welsh Women Bowling Association consists of 25 women from six different clubs and it was formed in the year 1932. This association of the play of bowling games is the most successful organization of the whole country. It has won many awards in the World bowls, Commonwealth games, and Atlantic championships and the fact is that has many history successes. Nowadays it boasts 160 affiliated clubs from different associations’ countries.


The best of play bowling games are in competitions. There are many different important tournament events recognized as mayors:

  • International Bowling Championship supported by DHC
  • USBC Masters
  • United States Open
  • PBA World Championship
  • PBA Tournament of Champions
  • The United States Women’s Open
  • WTBA World Championships

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Play Bowling Games

You can play many bowling games online for free and win your real money. There are free games that provide you fun and also you can play to improve your bowling skills. The most popular and played bowling games are:

  • Bowling slots games
  • Bowling classic
  • Table tennis world tour
  • Mini golf master
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  • Basketball stars 2019
  • Moto X3M: Winter


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